Whoever thought that sometimes life could go your way?
I never thought that'd it'd go mine
And though the years have passed, I'm still not perfect,
but I wanna do this right
Now I've got this one big chance to prove myself, and no one thinks I can
So I'll sit with my pen in hand and write it out, before they get the chance to ask
"What the hell are you waiting for?"
And honestly, I'm not sure
Seems all I find are brand new ways fail
"Brand New Ways" was written while HTL was still demoing for our Universal Records album. At the time, we spent months and months trying to write "THE SONG" that would enable us to get the go ahead from the higher-ups at the label to make our record. It was getting to the point where we didn't even know what to write anymore. I was sick of being home, sick of writing, and just burnt out in general. I began this song on an acoustic guitar while we were working with the fine staff at a studio called, "The Blasting Room," in beautiful Ft. Collins, Colorado. The song is about my frustration, as we were stuck in this record label purgatory, trying to guess what band or sound Universal wanted us to rip-off just so we could make a record. We kept writing and sending demos, but we would hear nothing back. After a while, it just felt like I was finding more and more ways to write songs that nobody cared about. We were literally sitting around a table writing songs and watching our careers go down the drain, and there was NOTHING we could do about it. Just keep writing. After a while, I had nothing else to pull out of me. I had nothing to write about, and I had no confidence in myself or my abilities. This song is about wanting to make the perfect record for HTL, and desperately trying to write that "one song" that could change our lives forever. I kept it short and sweet because I feel that's what it needs to be. No happy ending, no sad ending, just staying in that purgatory of total failure and complete success, and the pressure of dealing with that feeling for almost 2 years.
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